The COVID-19 pandemic impacts developing countries worse than developed countries.

When we look at the big picture, we see that a number of factors make the pandemic more difficult for developing countries.

This mapping of 24 nations in Latin America and the Caribbean goes beyond simple economic metrics such as the average income of a country’s people. It presents a broad range of socio-economic, financial and environmental factors that together give a holistic picture of the damage being done by the greatest global economic crisis since the 1920s. Some indicators are pre-pandemic, reflect the situation at the start of the crisis and explain the slow recovery.

So far developing countries account for only 10% of the more than $12 trillion spent globally to respond to the pandemic. More needs to be done. Urgently. COVID recovery efforts need to look beyond income levels, to consider all weaknesses that countries face.

Click on the map to see how vulnerabilities affect different countries.

Database last updated: April 2023.